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Jennifer Garner Daily

Your daily dose of Jen

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Inspired by the many other wonderful 'daily' communities out there--I thought Jennifer Garner needed her own daily community too and I didn't see one around. So, ta-da!

This is the first & original Jennifer Garner Daily community. Any others are just clones. ;)
Created: July 8, 2004



1. Only pictures can be posted [and Jennifer Garner must be in them, of course!] Any posts without an attached picture or links to a picture will be deleted. Any off-topic posts will also be deleted. You can make an introductory post as long as you attach a picture.

2. Big images must be put behind an LJ-cut. Use your common sense when deciding how big a picture is and whether it should be put behind a cut. Don't know how to do it? GO HERE. Remember, not everyone has a fast internet connection. People still use dial-up.

3. Do not hot-link/direct link any pictures from other people's websites [unless you have permission to do so] and not from any posts in this community. Bandwidth costs money! You can sign up for photobucket, liquid2k and other web space for picture uploads for free.

4. Do not spam or advertise communities/journals that have nothing to do with Jennifer Garner. They will also be deleted.

5. Do not flame each other. Everyone is here to appreciate Jennifer Garner's beauty, so why cause fights?

If you are in other _daily communities, most of the rules are the same, so please follow them to keep this community from becoming disorganized!

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